Zhongshan solar street light work principle and advantages dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Zhongshan working principle of solar street lights and solar street lamp principle of work is roughly same, but sun yat-sen solar street light appearance is much smaller than the solar street light, so too the sanyo parts to the street light is smaller than the solar street lamp parts, zhongshan solar street lights, of course, the price is relatively cheaper. Zhongshan solar street light is through the solar panel to collect sunlight, and convert solar energy into chemical energy stored in the battery, wait until it is dark, light down to 10 lux, solar street lamps controller to identify the change in the control of battery discharge. Controller in the process, not only have the effect of the control, still have played an important role in protecting the battery, prevent the battery overcharge. Zhongshan solar street light has many advantages compared with the ordinary lamps, and the cost is not high, high quality of die casting aluminum, general stainless steel. Most of them with chic modelling is exquisite, is deep the love of consumers. In some parks or campus, with sun yat-sen solar street lights, greatly increasing the grade of the whole environment, has the very good beautification effect.
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