Zhongshan solar street lamps factory development direction dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Said to solar street lamps factory more, should be in guangdong zhongshan, in the face of industry competition is so fierce, now that sun yat-sen solar street lamps factory want development is faced with several problems, must find you want clients to the manufacturers, or return to you, the premise is the manufacturer all aspects are good, you now zhongshan solar street lamps factory and the development direction of what? If the customer is the price for solar street lamps to a effects, it can only be the zhongshan solar street lamps factory and no real success. How to say because of the price war will never be the manufacturer of the development of an inevitable factors, today you can give a very low price to customers, on products in order to reduce customer actual need to match the wattage to lower the price of lamps may not be able to guarantee the other manufacturers also use the same method to reduce the price, to attract customers. You lower the price, your opponent is also in lower price, so the long-term development can only be internecine. So zhongshan solar street lamps factory price war is not the correct development direction, the correct direction should be the right idea on the production of the products, improve product quality and cost performance, at the same time of after-sales service. Like a $99 smartphone, and a few hundred pieces or even three thousand samsung mobile phones, they are so big difference on the price, but you still choose to choose samsung mobile phones, this is because it is brand is high, the performance is good, all aspects of the cost performance is better than the low price. Therefore, zhongshan solar street lamps factory development direction, don't tangle on the price again, to make their products better, make your own brand.
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