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Will there be an impact on the LED brand and the low end?

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-02
Once I gave a lecture to a dealer in a professional market in Beijing. A dealer gave the author such a question on the question-and-answer agenda after the training session. He said that he runs a high-end brand of LED products, but the market audience is relatively narrow. Therefore, I want to increase the product line, so I plan to act as an agent for low-end LED products in Zhongshan Ancient Town. However, in this way, he is worried that the low-end LED products he acts as an agent will impact the LED category of the agent, and asks the author how to do it? The author immediately gave him the answer. I said that if the brand positioning of the two is appropriate, there is no need to worry about the products that low-end LED products will impact. Even, it will have the effect of 1 12. However, the author added that the so-called brand positioning is appropriate, that is, the brand differentiation of the two is appropriate. I am afraid that I will be afraid of selling dog meat. The name is not true, and it is nominally a category, however, in the material, function, packaging, promotion and display of products, there is no way to reflect and convey the positioning of high-end brands. So, how to define high-end brands and low-end brands? I think that the following aspects are mainly achieved: First, there is a strict distinction between the target markets targeted by the two, for example, the positioning of high-end products may be high-end projects or home improvement, such as five hotels, government image projects, villas, etc. The latter is positioned as a general office, engineering, or ordinary home improvement. Second, the products of the two should have obvious differences. Such as structure, process, material, Chip, package, performance, etc. And through comparative display, this difference can be clearly shown. Not a difference in feeling. Third, the pricing strategies of the two should be strictly defined. This is beyond doubt. Because of different target markets, the acceptable prices are naturally different. Fourth, the packaging methods of the two are different, the cost of the brand and the low-end brand are different, the positioning is different, and the taste of natural packaging is different. Low-end brands may require ordinary packaging, but the packaging of high-end brands must be fascinating or pleasing in terms of materials and design. Fifth, the channel modes of the two are also different. Brands may be suitable for direct supply distribution mode, while medium and low-end brands are more suitable for intensive distribution mode. High-end brands are suitable for hidden channels, while medium and low-end brands are not suitable. The reason is very simple, because in its price system, it cannot meet the interest demands of hidden channels. Sixth, the display methods are different. High-end brands need more experience and contrast display methods, and open boutiques or fashion stores. Because of this, it can directly reflect his materials, crafts, lighting effects, etc. The middle and low-end products are more than ordinary display. Seventh, the promotion method is different. High-end products have the core value of the brand, sell the feeling brought to consumers, and output one-to-One solutions. What brings consumers more is a brand feeling. The low-end products are more price appeals, selling the functional attributes of the products. The value and service of its products cannot be compared with high-grade products. Eighth, the two have different incentive policies for the channel system. High-end products are far more than low-end brands in terms of channel service, support and personnel assistance. Such as delivery period, training, promotion, store display, return and exchange, regional advertising support, regional market protection, etc. The low-end Miscellaneous cards more reflect the competitiveness of the product price itself, and subsequent assistance and support are often neglected.
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