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Will the LED industry become the next photovoltaic?

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-08
Dehao Runda believes that the photovoltaic industry will not fall into the same dilemma as photovoltaic. Wang Donglei, the chairman of the board, is worried about overseas anti-dumping, but at the same time, he thinks that the use of photovoltaic is too dependent on government subsidies, and the consumption of LED photoelectric industry will be market-driven, for example, LED lighting will be official business, business lighting accounted for 70, household accounted for 30. In Wang Donglei's view, the main difficulty of the LED industry is that the production capacity is too fast, and the big start of market demand will wait another 24 months. Wang Donglei believes that Dehao Runda has a latecomer advantage: when we intervened in the LED industry, the 2 inch production line was very mature, but I decided to go to the 4 inch production line. It took a lot of energy to debug the furnace, but the production cost was 15 ~ Natural 20. Sanan Optoelectronics also believes that the optoelectronic industry will not fall into the same dilemma as photovoltaic. Director Kan Hongzhu said that the National LED market bidding has been started, which has billions of markets every year. It is expected that the economy will pick up in 2014 and the market demand will be released, research institutions have judged that lighting alone has a 500 billion market, and the market size is now only 100 billion. Photovoltaic is mainly after the anti-dumping, the domestic market can not Digest, the industry quickly entered the trough. First, LED industry organizations should do more communication between upstream and downstream enterprises to spend the winter together. Second, they should actively help enterprises, especially downstream application enterprises, to deal with overseas lawsuits. In case of anti-dumping, they should actively respond to lawsuits. Kan Hongzhu said that the industry reshuffle will not be until the first half of 2014. Next year may be a cold winter for the industry, but it is an opportunity year for San'an Optoelectronics, adjust the product structure and speed up the talent gathering industry to attract top-notch talents. San'an Optoelectronics is now mainly competing with international manufacturers, and its product indicators are not lost to Taiwan crystal power (Large LED enterprises in Taiwan). In fact, the layout of San'an Optoelectronics is unfolding. In November 3, an optoelectronics became a major shareholder of the top three in Taiwan's LED industry.
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