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Why solar LED road lighting failure

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-01
Theory LED the overall photoelectric conversion efficiency is about 54%, due to the material, process, and the absence of the actual conversion efficiency is about 30%. Mainly to the residual energy of radiative recombination occurs in the form of lattice vibration into heat energy, which is LED heat source. Iron lining heat conduction, epoxy resin, chips and stent contact close enough, chip attenuation is large, if it is white, and the phosphor decay problem leads to droop.
the battery solar street lamps light failure is receiving the electrical energy is reduced, the led light failure led luminous efficiency is lower. Poor heat dissipation lead to droop soon, life is very long, but it's hard to keep the new time of brightness. The light source is very good, because the diode can be all rows in a plane, so to avoid the reflection of the loss.
some solar LED street lamp in the temperature control is not perfect, because solar LED street lamp power is much greater than the normal life of the household lamps and lanterns, so solar street lamps manufacturer in terms of heat dissipation template must strengthen research and development and upgrade, after the completion of the assembly for heat dissipation templates must carry on the protection of the lacquer that bake, in order to prevent the corrosion of wind and rain on the climate. Power input power is big also, LED the interface temperature is quite high, under the street light long time continuous work, such as the heat dissipation module not effective heat dissipation, can affect the service life of the LED and light, like the current solar LED street lamp light failure is caused by these factors. Anodization of life is not long, time is a bit long or oxidation discoloration, if you want to remove the heavy industry, not only time-consuming and labor will increase maintenance cost; Protection of the lacquer that bake cost is low, the effect of protection, but generally no cooling function of the lacquer that bake, paint itself will form the blocking effect.
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