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Why is the price of the same LED street lamp different for each street lamp manufacturer

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

LED lighting equipment is a very popular type in the current market. It is not only affordable but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly, which is in line with modern production needs. So for LED street lights, many consumers have a question, 'Why are the prices of the same LED street lights different for each street light manufacturer?' Next, the staff of the street light manufacturers will take everyone to analyze why the price of each LED street light is not the same. same.

1. The light source of LED street light
This part is the core of the LED street light equipment. The use of good quality light sources can ensure that the life of the street light is longer and the lighting time is longer. However, if you use a cheap light source of poor quality, it is not obvious at the beginning. A big difference, but as long as the use time is long and the environment is corroded, LED street lights with poor light source quality will soon show problems such as insufficient brightness, so although LED street lights with good quality light sources may be expensive Some, but the use time will be much longer, from this aspect, even if the price is more expensive, it is still acceptable.
Two, the quality of accessories
For LED street lights, the quality of many small accessories is also very important. For example, the housing and materials of LED street lights directly determine whether the heat dissipation of LED street lights can be maintained well, because LED street lights Leakage caused by poor heat dissipation is not rare. In severe cases, it will cause some serious accidental stories, which may cause the safety of our lives and property. So don’t underestimate the quality of the LED street lamp housing and the quality of the materials. A very important aspect, it can also determine the price of led street lights.
Three, after-sales service
Some street lamp manufacturers have a three-year warranty, and some LED street lamp manufacturers have a five-year warranty. These also determine whether the price of led street lamps is high or low.

The above factors will affect the price of LED street lights. After reading these, I believe everyone will understand why the price of the same LED street light is different for each street light manufacturer. Finally, the editor suggests that you can start from the above aspects when making a purchase, so as to choose the right one.

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