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Why is the price advantage of solar street lamps higher?

by:ALLTOP      2023-02-05

Solar streetlights are a new type of environmentally friendly and energy-saving product. Although the entire solar streetlight can bring together many advantages, there are still many factors that may hinder the progress of solar streetlights. For example, when we buy this product now, the biggest obstacle is the price, so why this product is more expensive, there are still many people who like to buy solar street lights.

1. If you know more about solar street lights, then you will find that the reason why the price of solar street lights is so expensive is actually directly related to their actual situation, because the cost of solar street lights is relatively high, of course, if it is built in rural areas The price of a 6-meter 30-watt solar street light is 1650 yuan, and the price of a 220-volt 6-meter solar street light is 800 yuan. May prefer to choose 220-volt street lights.

2. The biggest feature of solar streetlights is that they can bring us more energy-saving and environmental protection features. This is also a green and transparent lamp strongly advocated by the country.

3. When solar street lamps are actually invested, compared with the investment funds, they are relatively small, because this is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, so the country will also have a series of subsidies for rural construction, and there will be various places. There are also special funds for related support.

4. The construction of solar street lights is relatively simple, and there is no need to start digging ditches at all, the project period is relatively short, and there is no electricity bill, because it absorbs solar light itself, so it is completely possible to convert all solar energy into electrical energy.

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