Why are LED lighting enterprises actively exploring the rural market?

by:ALLTOP      2020-12-11
Why do you want to go to the township to run the market, because Xingan International Lighting City has to take the route of surrounded by the countryside and the market. According to statistics, there are 773 townships and towns in Jiangxi. If there are 2 lighting stores in each township, there will be more than 1500 Township lighting stores in Jiangxi. This number represents a huge channel network, and this network has been hidden, so as long as the channel network is thoroughly and deeply done, then the prospect is very broad. From March 26 to April 4, the marketing department of Xingan International Lighting City went deep into Shangrao area and Ganzhou area. Under the guidance of manager Lei, the salesman of the marketing department, in line with the principle of fine digging and intensive cultivation, conveyed the notice of free customer pick-up and drop-off to the counties and towns in Zhangzhou and Shangrao. In today's lighting industry where channels are the king and terminals are the foundation, some rural consumers are often ignored by us. According to the reaction of the merchants in xinjan International Lighting City: the current rural consumers are willing to spend money and are willing to spend money! In addition, most rural families in Jiangxi are mainly small three-story buildings with a wide decoration area and a large demand for lamps. Therefore, it is important not to ignore the whole lighting industry to tap rural consumers and drive the new trend of rural lamp consumption, which is also what Xingan International Lighting City needs to work hard to build a wholesale market! The reporter traveled all over Jiangxi and heard the reaction of many county dealers: a large part of the business scope of most dealers in the county is radiating to the countryside, because at present there are mostly 15 dealers in many counties, some even exceeded 20, which led to increased competition and reduced market demand. The countryside is a fragrant scorpion that determines the survival of the fittest in the market. Whoever seizes it will stabilize the entire county market. Therefore, do a good job in rural channels, so that the only two or three dealers in each township can be profitable and have goods to enter, then this will threaten the more than ten dealers in the county. Furthermore, driven by the profitability of rural dealers, the xinjan International Lighting City channel will begin to extend to the county seat. Since then, it will extend to the city until it threatens the provincial capital Nanchang! Xinjan International Lighting City is like a heart. Xinjan International Lighting City's self-built logistics is like the blood distributed in Jiangxi. Without this key self-built logistics, the strategic policy of surrounding cities from rural areas will be difficult to realize. In March 25, a customer of Zixi came to Xingan International Lighting City to purchase 26 lamps. On the afternoon of March 25, in order to deliver these goods to the customer's shop on time and on time, the logistics driver did not hesitate to drive back and forth 800 kilometers of mountain roads to and from Xinguan and Zixi overnight. For the 26 lamps, the logistics service of xinjan International Lighting City earns credibility at a loss. There is no reason for such a market not to be strong or big.
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