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Which of the top ten new lighting products in 2016 can 'stir' your heart?

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-18
In recent years, with the rapid rise of domestic LED enterprises and even spending a lot of money in various transnational acquisitions, they are full of vigor and vitality, although to some extent they have created international giants in the current retreat state, in this field, it is in the illusion of 30 years of Hedong and 30 years of Hexi. The author always believes that the reason why the giant is a giant is that it should focus on the sustainable innovation and research and development capabilities in the forefront of the entire industry. In 2016, international giants such as Philips Lighting, Osram, GE and Sony successively launched various new products with novel styles and functions, at the same time, the big brothers in the domestic lighting industry, such as OPU lighting, NVC Lighting, Foshan Lighting and sanxiong Aurora, are constantly innovating their products. There are also recruits in industries such as Xiaomi, Tone technology and Haier who can catch up on innovation, make the product. In this paper, the author draws ten distinctive products from all the new lighting products in 2016 for the readers to watch, so that the practitioners can draw a steady stream of innovation power from them, therefore, the whole lighting industry presents vigorous vitality and tenacious vitality. Philips Hue atmosphere lamp Philips Hue White Ambiance (Hue atmosphere light)Can simulate sunrise process and Sunset process. Hue provides ambient light from cold white light (6500 K)To warm white light (2200 K)Different color temperature/brightness combinations within the range. Users can also use intelligent applications (App) Or the dimming switch in the Philips Hue starter kit to easily invoke different scenes. The updated Philips Hue application (App)New light scene functions will also be added. For those users who need to get up at night to take care of infants, the new night light scene also provides relatively low brightness and reduces blue light to a low level, thus alleviating the influence of light on sleep cycle. In addition, it can also create different atmospheres and use its different color temperatures to distinguish open kitchens and living rooms: use bright cold white light in the kitchen area and soft warm white light in the living room area, you can also change the feeling of you or your guests when they enter the door through changes in color temperature. Product Highlights: In order to create a surprising home lighting experience, Philips Hue system continuously introduces support from other applications, products and platforms. Currently, Philips Hue is not only seamlessly compatible with Nest's smart thermostat, camera and alarm system, but also compatible with other smart home devices including Amazon Alexa. Through cooperation with other platforms, Philips Hue has truly changed the lighting experience of users and the way they interact with lighting. Through their positive contributions, Philips Hue has more than 600 third-party applications (App). SleepCycle application (App) Simulate the natural light effect when the sun rises and wake you up from sleep like an alarm clock. Sunn application (App) By adjusting the color and brightness of Philips Hue, simulate the sunrise and sunset in nature to keep your biological clock in sync with nature. Landvance glass lampshade LED bulb LEDVANCE introduces the strongest LED bulb combination ever. They have technical breakthroughs in design, materials and size. For example, for the first time, the LED spotlight combination housing uses glass materials to make bulbs, which will be an ideal substitute for traditional halogen lamps. Figure 1: LEDVANCE provides Glass LED bulbs to replace halogen reflector lamps, R63 and R80 bulbs. In autumn and October, it is the traditional peak season for lighting, LEDVANCE will provide a series of glass shell bulbs such as PAR16 and MR16 LED lamps, with luminous flux as high as 575lm and color rendering index (CRI/RA) Over 90, with a service life of 40000 hours. Fig. 2: Osram glass LED filament lamp. In addition, LEDVANCE will provide glass LED filament lamp replacing halogen reflector lamp, R63 and R80 bulb. This type of filament lamp glass bulb is divided into dimmable and non-dimmable. When dimmable, it can replace 60W traditional bulb; When not dimming, it can replace 75W and 100W traditional bulbs. The retro appearance and glass shell meet the needs of the market.
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