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Where will 2014 shanzhai LED lighting enterprises go?

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-01
According to the report, in 2012, the Chinese government stimulated the domestic demand for LED lighting through a series of policies and measures to drive the launch of China's LED general lighting market. It is estimated that by 2015, China's LED general lighting demand will reach 10 billion US dollars, with the continuous economic growth and the increase of LED penetration rate, China's demand for LED general lighting will reach 22 billion US dollars by 2020. Faced with such a huge market demand, LED enterprises have made every effort to develop the market. However, there are also a small number of enterprises that choose to take shortcuts: Shanzhai and imitation. It is understood that in recent years, counterfeit products of various brands have appeared in the application fields from LED power supply to LED whole lamp, LED display screen, etc. Enterprises are busy making statements and strengthening anti-counterfeiting, which makes them feel perplexed and helpless. May I ask, who is still engaged in research and development? How do shanzhai enterprises survive? The main survival rule of shanzhai enterprises is ultra-low price. If the market price of an international famous brand LED ceiling lamp is 1399 yuan, the shanzhai lamp with almost the same appearance only needs 325 yuan. Why is the price of cottage products so low? Because they save a lot in materials, design costs and after-sales service, the main thing is to save the marketing expenses and directly enter the market by copying other people's appearance and design. How to transform shanzhai enterprises? There will be a mix of good and evil people in any market. If small and medium-sized enterprises are in the initial stage of development, and this stage will certainly go through a period of training before they can be perfected, can they respect the original design of products, and relying on design to enhance the added value of products will become an important indicator for enterprises to become bigger and stronger. At first, some enterprises have relatively weak funds. In order to reduce risks, they may embark on the road of shanzhai. Imitation is the beginning of all human learning. This is like we have to learn things when we were young, maybe a lot of things are to copy others and then combine their own preferences. When we reach a certain level, we need our own things. Everything has a primary stage. When we choose plagiarism and imitation, we may only have no deeper understanding of things, but we have to admit that, the things that are copied and imitated are lifeless. Leo Tolstoy once said that if the result of our study is that we can't create anything, then we will only imitate and copy in our life. If the enterprise has always been a cottage, there is obviously no way out, it must take his road of innovation.
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