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Where is the focus of LED chips made in China?

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-25
In recent years, the overall LED application market has shown a growing trend, mainly driven by the explosive growth of the lighting market. The trend of the domestic application market is also consistent. The demand for chips has increased significantly. Among them, the backlight market has been growing rapidly in undertaking industrial transfer, and the lighting market has become the main growth force since 2013. At present, the localization rate of chips in China's LED industry has reached 80. With the continuous growth of market demand, where should enterprises focus their product research and development? As far as the LED display market is concerned, the total sales volume has increased year by year and the growth rate has slowed down. The indoor display screen is developing to high density, and the outdoor display screen is developing to a wide viewing angle and high-definition surface, and the point spacing is also decreasing. Among them, the rapid development of small-pitch LED display applications has driven the rapid increase in demand for LED chips. Specifically, the development of technology shows that the application characteristics of high-density indoor display screen are high density, high scanning, high refresh and high gray scale. Therefore, the direction of chip optimization is small size. Under the drive of small current, high luminous efficiency, good consistency, high chip reliability, good anti-back voltage, anti-ESD, anti-overshoot current capability. The application characteristics of the surface-mounted outdoor display screen are large display angle and good image quality, so the optimization direction of the chip is higher brightness, good light consistency and better weather resistance of the chip. Look at the backlight market again. The decline in demand for TV backlight chips is mainly due to the direct penetration and LED light efficiency improvement. The main growth momentum will come from the tablet market. The comprehensive strength of chip companies and packaging companies in mainland China is constantly improving, and the backlight industry is shifting to mainland China. On the technical level, the chip optimization direction of high brightness and small size backlight is to continuously optimize the axial light intensity, improve the light efficiency, and achieve smaller, thinner and brighter; The chip optimization direction of large-size TV backlight with high brightness and high reliability is to match a thinner light guide plate to improve light efficiency and save cost, and at the same time match fluorescent powder to realize a wider color gamut. Then look at the lighting market. Alternative lighting is a cost-effective market. With the sharp drop in the price of LED lighting terminal lamps, the market replacement rate of LED lighting will increase rapidly in the future. According to sales estimates, it is estimated that it will reach of the total sales in the lighting market by 2016 and. At the same time, LED lighting products are also concentrated in mainland China. In 2013, the proportion of LED in China's lighting products exports has reached 57. In terms of chips, the domestic market demands a cost-effective cost-effective plan for the whole lamp, while foreign markets prefer high-efficiency solutions. The optimization direction of the chip is centered on improving the light efficiency lm/W, improving the brightness and reducing the size, improving the light efficiency price ratio of the product, and developing high-voltage chips and flip-chip technology.
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