When perfect LED solar street lamps national standards

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-22
Now have to carry out the energy conservation of lighting electrical products include: ordinary lighting since the ballast fluorescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, general lighting double end single-ended fluorescent lamp, high-pressure sodium lamp, energy-saving lamps, Metal halide lamp) Metal halide lamp, tubular fluorescent lamp ballasts, high pressure sodium lamp ballasts, ( Metal halide lamp) Metal halide lamp ballasts and road lighting system. Through two years of technical research and development, the China quality certification center ( CQC) The on semiconductor ( 领导) And electrodeless lamp lighting products such as energy-saving attestation work, mainly including electrodeless lamp/road tunnel lighting products, LED downlight and three types of reflective since the ballast LED lights products.
CQC is national adoption of energy-saving product certification bodies, set up efficient lighting electrical products certification and identification system. Energy saving products of government procurement directory products are required to pass CQC & other; Festival & throughout; The word mark certification, shall be adopted by the government procurement.
on a voluntary basis, the enterprises can apply for energy-saving certification, product if the product energy efficiency standards ( Or the technical specification) And the requirement of the implementation rules for energy-saving product certification, and confirmed by the CQC audit, can be obtained by CQ C issued by the China energy conservation product authentication certificate. Signed with CQC enterprises in the certification certificate and mark use agreement and can be used on certification, product advertising and promotional material certification and & other Festival & throughout; The word mark.
solar street lamps manufacturer introduces lighting energy saving measures, minimum state investment, have been the most obvious. From July 18, 2006, the government procurement directory will be energy saving certification product in China. In order to further expand the scope of energy-saving products in government procurement, intensify energy-saving products in government procurement work, according to the rules of government forcedly purchasing energy saving products of the State Council general office on establishing a notice and the regulation of 'government purchasing suggestion on energy saving products', the Ministry of Finance, National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) again in July 2010, adjust and publish the eighth & other; Government purchasing list of energy saving products & throughout; , make sure air conditioning, lighting products, Including double side fluorescent lamp, ballast fluorescent lamp, single-ended fluorescent lamps, ballasts for tubular fluorescent lamp) , TV, electric water heater, computer, printer, monitor, implement, such as the water mouth nine products for government forcedly purchasing energy saving products. 【 The above content released by solar street lamps factory finishing for you 】
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