What's the main problem led street lamps, energy-saving lighting?

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
LED has been developing rapidly in recent years, many cities are promoting LED street light, the traditional street lamp to change LED energy-saving lamps. Although, led street lamp lighting market prospect is considerable, however, led street lamp lighting also has some problems at present, the led road lighting to really build market completely, may still need to solve the problem of its energy-saving lighting. Led street lamp with good energy saving effect are known, but also cannot treat as the same. Its energy conservation and to what extent, this basically see its & other; Competitors & throughout; , we have to look at use patterns. Lighting led street lamp can do because its performance is better than traditional lamp dimming, so can do its alternative light sources. Road lighting energy-saving link is biggest in the dimmer. At present, the traditional lamp dimming only half, led street lamp can be adjusted to 5% 10%, which is also part of the led street lamp is superior to the traditional street lamp. But that move light should be according to the traffic flow at different times of the changes to the light, led road lights will eventually how much energy depends on the size of the traffic flow. The street lights single lamp dimming control combined with traffic flow, which is advanced in domestic, is the embodiment of the advanced nature of led street light. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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