What requirement does good LED lights should have? Dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
A good LED lights not only look at the price, with the important thing is to look at its service life, and if the service life of LED lights as long as the half a year, or a year like this, is the LED street light price again how cheap, is of no significance, just more waste of time, waste of money and manpower. That a good LED lights should have what requirements? From the aspects of the power of the LED street lamp used in the first place, is the use of high-performance LED drive power supply, to make the power efficiency can reach above 95%, the power factor to & ge; 0. 98, but also to constant current constant voltage driver power supply, using imported components, so that the stability of the LED street lamps and lanterns. Is LED street lamps and lanterns, heat dissipation is better, again good LED lights with good heat dissipation design, electric appliance and its light source cavity separation, of the various components can effectively control the temperature rise, prolong the service life of LED and other electronic components, ensure the LED street lamps and lanterns is long-term, stable and reliable work. The last is to see the lamps and lanterns of LED street lamp manufacturers design protection grade, LED street lights, the whole lamp to achieve IP65 protection grade, can calmly deal with - 30℃- 65 ℃ environment temperature change, regardless of wind, frost, rain, snow, fog haze can always keep a stable working status and quality of light output.
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