What need to prepare work before purchasing solar street light

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05

what preparation work before purchasing solar street lamps need to do? New energy products such as solar street lights, now they already know a lot about people. In our life, also can see them everywhere. For solar street lamps and other new energy products, people know is it belongs to the energy-saving products. However, specific procurement is suitable for a lot of people feel very blind. So, how to choose when solar street lamps need to pay attention to what matters?

in fact is a kind of solar power generation system, solar street lamps it requires elaborate design to get the final sale price, now the user needs to provide the basic information and solar street light introduce simply the most basic parameters. Road types - — What kind of road suitable for installation in solar street lamps? According to the city road lighting design standard CJJ ( Hereinafter referred to as the 'standard of lighting') Road according to distance, one branch can be divided into level 3, road surface and points of asphalt pavement, cement road surface, sand and dirt, in which the cement road surface reflective effect is best. Solar street lamps used in city one and branch, as a result of the arterial road lighting demand is higher, the current res solar street lighting.

the road width - — Street lamps depended on how high street lamp installation, how far a interval? The width of the road surface is closely related to lighting arrangement, lamps and lanterns decorated mainly divided into unilateral arrangement, bilateral staggered layout three and bilateral symmetry. According to the actual solar light irradiation effect, road width and arrangement of lamps and lanterns of corresponding relation to see the table below. Pavement width table, the corresponding relationship between arrangement of lamps and lanterns for road pavement width is meters, simplified words 'how wide is installed more road high street lamp', spacing for street lamp height - Times. Day lighting time - — Is proportional to the cost relations, illumination time refers to the solar street lamps lighting the number of hours every night. Solar street lamps use automatic intelligent controller, when the night falls, the controller of induction surface brightness, open automatically when the brightness down to a certain value when the light source. Timing starts from open source, generally turn off light after hours. Lighting hours from hours to a whole night lighting ( From dark to dawn) Any setting, each additional cost would rise accordingly an hour -- Yuan, for reasons of economy, the user can choose according to actual use need to make the day lighting hours.
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