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What kinds of solar street lights are there?

by:ALLTOP      2023-02-03

Solar streetlights will be used in various ways in the actual use process. If we want to choose solar streetlights, then you may consider some of their types. From the current situation, solar energy What are the different types of street lights?


When we want to choose these solar street lights, you will find that these solar street lights can actually be selected according to the height you need. The shortest is 4 meters of solar street lights, and of course, only the highest is 12 meters. For Rice solar street lights, in which we have to look at the surrounding lighting environment, or some actual conditions around, we have to combine the actual effect to conduct an effective analysis, only in this way can you understand the specific range of selection of the entire solar street light.

The main parameters

During the actual use of solar street light equipment, you will find that there are many main parameters. The solar street lights here include 30-watt solar street lights, 80-watt solar street lights, and 100 mAh battery solar street lights. Therefore, when we choose this kind of equipment, we have different needs for surrounding stores or different requirements for power supply, so the selection and classification of solar street lights will also be different.

Working standard voltage

Solar streetlights have a 12-volt system and a 24-volt system. When we choose these solar street lights, we need to look at the standard voltage of the entire work. Generally speaking, the standard voltage of such a device is more or less the same. Similarly, everyone can conduct effective analysis based on the actual situation, which can bring us better protection.

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