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What kind of pattern changes will the LED industry bring?

by:ALLTOP      2019-12-28
As the material basis of lighting, the traditional light source will not die out, but will fade out. LED may be the mainstream light source in the near future, which was basically not said 10 years ago, but now it is estimated that few people do not believe it. The influence of LED as the mainstream light source is on the surface of the industry, but the development of the lighting discipline is also great. Before LED, the mainstream light sources were thermal radiation light sources, low-pressure discharge light sources and high-intensity discharge light sources, and the main purpose of light sources was visual lighting ( In order to be consistent with the existing statement, visual lighting is referred to as lighting in the following paragraph). Due to the inflexibility of these light sources in space such as scale, spectrum and time, the focus of lighting discipline is the material basic light source of lighting. After the research on light sources is mature, lighting discipline basically has no great development. We can see that there are many research results in the first half of the 20th century in the lighting discipline, but in the chromaticity systems of CIE1931, CIE1964 and CIE1976, a big progress after 1974, that is, after the color rendering index was determined, there has been little progress in the discipline of lighting, even approaching lighting engineering. This is mainly because the material basis of lighting is too inflexible, in other words, several kinds of light sources can be thoroughly studied. Therefore, the main research after this is to develop a new light source, and as the mainstream gas discharge light source after the heat radiation light source, the focus of the research is to find a new luminescent substance, or a secondary luminescent method. However, LED becomes the mainstream light source for lighting, which will greatly change this situation :(1) When the main indexes and prices of LED devices have not reached the maturity of technology, especially green LED needs further technological progress. Therefore, the development of LED technology will still be an important part of our lighting discipline for a period of time. However, LED has been developed and can be applied in many fields. Therefore, the focus of lighting discipline will gradually return to lighting, that is, the application of light sources, but not the light sources themselves. (2) The high flexibility of LED will create great research opportunities in the future lighting discipline. Because the high flexibility of LED will create a broad application field of LED, and in various application fields, there is an excellent application choice due to the high flexibility of LED, which is an academic problem, that is, research opportunities. A typical example is LED Plant fill light, which exists with human eyes due to different wavelengths V () Different values are similar, and plant light supplement also has different light supplement efficiency at different wavelengths, that is, the concept of so-called light formula exists. The current study is still in its initial stage.
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