What items are included in the garden light price budget?

by:ALLTOP      2021-03-05
In many engineering projects of garden light manufacturers, we will encounter such a situation, that is, the concrete floor treatment is carried out after the pavement is hardened. Later, Party A needs to install courtyard lights on it. How do we install this situation? This situation is generally in industrial parks or communities, and courtyard lamp manufacturers have installed ground hardening sites. If {fine} is about 3 meters high, not more than 4 meters, and not in coastal areas, then we can directly harden. Expansion screws can be used to fix the ground. If it is in coastal areas or the hardened ground is not very thick, we still need to break the ground. Usually, the ground is cut into pits of corresponding size with a cutting machine, and then the ground cage is pre-buried. Install and fix the garden light, the cutting size is about 400*400mm.

If you are a new installation of solar garden lights, our basic budget should include

①, wiring (main cable layout includes trenching, buried pipe, cable penetration);

②Foundation (dig a pit to bury the foundation cage in the place where solar garden lights are installed);

③, install the wiring (install the garden light on the pre-buried foundation, and then connect the wire of the garden light to the frayed main cable). Secondly, if the garden light is slightly more complicated, it may need to be assembled on site. For example, garden light manufacturers, flower branches, light pole bases and main poles need to be assembled on site after installation. Other styles (such as simple styles) only need to install the top-mounted lights on the poles on site and then install them on the foundation. Yes, if you need to consider the cost of installation, you need to consider the cost of labor, materials and auxiliary materials for the above installation projects.

Solar garden lights are mainly installed in residential areas, squares, parks and scenic spots on main roads and trails lighting fixtures. The height of garden lights is usually below 5 meters and above 2.5 meters. Garden lamp manufacturers choose different heights and styles according to different environments. Garden lights, due to the large number of outdoor garden lights, if multiple garden lights choose higher power light sources or light sources with higher power consumption, a lot of power consumption will be generated. Therefore, which light source is more energy-efficient to choose to install garden lights now? Today, most of our garden lights recommend the use of LED light sources. LED light source is a new type of light source with low power, high luminous efficiency, long life, energy saving and environmental protection, so it has been widely used in many places today, so our standard energy-saving light source is LED light source, therefore, more traditional outdoor garden lights The light sources used, such as energy-saving lamps, metal halide lamps, incandescent lamps, etc., have been replaced by LED light sources, and the energy saving of solar garden lights has exceeded half of that of traditional light sources. More than 50% of LED light sources, such as traditional courtyard light sources and 85W energy-saving lamps, can now be replaced with 30W, and the power can be calculated to save more than half of the power.
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