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What is the situation of LED in 2015?

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-07
This year is still a good year for lighting. The LED packaging factory mulinsen was listed in February 17. At present, the market value of the land LED factory ranks second, second only to San 'an Optoelectronics. Wang Jie, general manager of mulinsen, said that the monthly production capacity of lamps will exceed 10 million units this year, the bulb lamp broke through 15 million. Wang Jie stressed that although the price of the company is cheaper than that of other factories, it still makes profits, mainly because the company's lamps and lanterns 100 contain aluminum shells and so on, and only chips are purchased from Taiwan's crystal power plant, which is currently a big customer of crystal power, jingdian Xiamen factory supplies up to 98 chips. Wang Jie said that the lighting market is very good this year. The company provides consumers with a reasonable price in the process of cost reduction. The price is 40 ~ lower than that of international brands ~ 50, 20 ~ lower than Taiwan factory ~ 30, but the company can still maintain 25 ~ Gross profit margin of 35. At present, the monthly output of the package is 26 billion, the monthly output of the lamp is 8 million, and the bulb lamp is 12 million. At present, the visibility of the company's orders has been seen in August, and this year is still a good year for lighting. In addition to its own brand, mulinsen's international factory and Taiwan factory are OEM, such as cankun LED lights, which are OEM by mulinsen, at present, China accounts for of revenue in the operating market and in the overseas market. Wang Jie said that orders at home and abroad are quite hot at present. On 2015, it stormed emerging markets. Listed company Yiguang also participated in the LED lighting exhibition on the 25th. Wu Yizou, vice president of Yiguang solid-state lighting, said that this year it would increase the project revenue, including the replacement of office LED lighting. Lighting Demand in emerging markets is expected to grow rapidly this year. The company attacked the market channel three years ago. This year, it is expected to grow simultaneously with the demand of emerging countries. Although mainland factories are rushing in, however, it will distance itself from the WOFI brand with differentiated products. Ye Yinfu, chairman of Yiguang, said earlier that the LED bulb and lamp market belongs to the Red Sea competition, with low price, poor profit and low technical threshold. In addition, as long as there is a stock of goods, it is easy to have a loss of inventory price. Therefore, as a lighting brand, Yiguang will gradually shift its focus from the bulb and lamp market to the Blue Ocean market with higher prices, such as lamps and smart lighting. Xu Xichuan, associate of the overseas business department of Yiguang solid state lighting, said that Yiguang is not only attacking Taiwan and mainland markets, but also actively exploring emerging countries with Everlight brand, with great potential in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. In addition, Yiguang was originally marketed by the German lighting factory Wofi brand in Europe, and the Zenaro brand in the United States. He said that the demand for factory lighting, commercial lighting and other professional fields in emerging markets is not small. The unit price of such products is high, and the marketing cost is lower than that of general lighting, which is more conducive to brand growth. Li Bingjie, chairman of Jingdian, a listed company, said that backlight orders are slightly slower than in previous years. It is estimated that backlight orders will rise slowly in April, after which lighting orders will be returned one after another. Affected by the time when the order was returned, the price of Jingdian fell by 2. On the 25th. 2 yuan new Taiwan dollar, Yiguang once fell. Li Bingjie said that the pressure of LED price decline continued this year, but the market will stimulate sales under the price decline. It is estimated that the backlight output value this year is expected to be in line with last year. With the enlargement of TV size and the increase of 4K2K permeability, the backlight output value maintained a peak. The growth of the lighting market is expected to double. Last year, LED lighting sales were about 9 ~ 1. 2 billion, this year's sales can be increased to 20 ~ With 2. 5 billion units, the annual increase in LED lighting sales is more accelerated than last year. Li Bingjie pointed out that due to the rise of the land factory, it has gradually emerged in the back-end packaging and lamps, so the upstream chip side has gradually generated pressure, which has a great impact on the terminal price, causing market price reduction competition. However, due to the decline in terminal prices, the scale of the lighting market has grown this year. It is estimated that LED bulbs will be shipped at a factory price of US $5 this year, down rapidly from US $8 last year, less than $6 for energy-saving lamps, resulting in an alternative effect. Li Bingjie said that it is expected that LED factories will still face great pressure of terminal price decline this year. The gross profit of manufacturers will be reduced and the gross profit will have to be maintained through process and product improvement. Jingdian will not purchase new machines this year, but will adjust the existing machines to increase output and maintain operating profits by reducing chips by 70 and maintaining brightness. LED lighting demand has a strong growth momentum this year under the active subsidies of various governments, of which government support subsidies are growth momentum. Li Bingjie said that this year both the Indian and Egyptian governments are actively subsidizing LED lighting replacement to reduce electricity consumption. The Indian government expects to allocate 2 LED lamps to each family, with a total demand of 0. 1 billion, LED lighting is growing rapidly under the government's promotion of replacement. Li Bingjie said that LED epitaxial wafers have been developing towards 6-inch one after another, but at present, the industry generally encounters bottlenecks in the 6-inch process, and the cost is still dominated by 4-inch with mature technology. After the adjustment of the machine this year, it is estimated that the large production capacity can be increased by 50, and the mode of cutting the chip with process technology to promote the gross profit margin this year is still stable under the price.
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