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What is the price of solar lamps

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

Solar street lamps are very common in our daily lives. In addition to many solar lamps are popularized, but what are the factors that determine the price of solar lamps? let's figure it out together.

First, the lamp housing
The choice of solar lamp housing, do not underestimate the lamp housing. If you think that the lamp housing is not important at all, then you are wrong. In fact, the lamp housing is the key to protecting the wick. If the lamp housing is very strong, then the solar lamp The service life of the lamp will be much longer. The lamp housing can also be subdivided into two categories: ordinary lamp housing and die-casting overall housing. The former has a slightly worse heat dissipation performance and is more suitable for light sources with low power, while the latter has better heat dissipation performance. , Suitable for high-power light sources.
Second, chip
The chip is the key to directly determine the brightness of the LED. Luminous decay, efficiency, and power are also important data related to solar lamps, and are also important aspects that determine the price of the LED, and the quality of the chips on the market is good. The bad is different, so it is better to test the chip before buying it.
Three, constant current source
It is a constant current device that enables the circuit to provide stable power supply. Because solar lamps require constant current in the loop, the price of installing a constant current source will be a bit more expensive.
There are probably these factors that affect the price of solar lamps, so you need to pay more attention to these aspects when buying, so as to choose a suitable one.

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