What is the opening situation of the National LED lighting market in 2017?

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-02
The Breath of the Spring Festival has gradually gone away from us. With the return of migrant workers, the markets in various places are also in full swing, and the industry has begun to enter the normal operation. Then after the Spring Festival, what is the opening situation of the markets around the country? Let the Guzhen Lighting report the information reported by the local station personnel through the on-the-spot investigation, so that everyone can stay at home and understand the market opening situation in the north and south of the Yangtze River. Beijing, overview of the opening situation: basically opening, in addition to the opening of Wanlong Huiyang in lunar January 16, the other three stores in Beijing have also opened after the Spring Festival, and actually opened the house on the eighth day, gao Li and Shilihe opened in the first ten days. At present, most of the store managers in the entire Beijing market have already come to the store to meet the business, and some of the bosses are still in their hometown and are expected to come back in lunar January 15. After visiting, most of the merchants have also adjusted from the festive atmosphere to meet the new challenges of 17 years. Sichuan province, the overview of the opening situation: most of the lighting market opened in the eighth day, in Chengdu, most of the lighting market opened in the eighth day, but because most of the lighting dealers from other cities around Chengdu, as well as other provinces and regions such as Zhejiang, everyone is used to returning to Chengdu after the Lantern Festival. Therefore, although the lighting market has opened, many merchants have not opened their doors. Some merchants who have already opened, such as the Jinfu lighting City, the merchants in Bayi and aidengbao, are also doing some planning activities at the beginning of the opening. Because fusenmei is a market for customers, there are many merchants opening, and the store is running as usual as before. There are many merchants in the Western lighting city, but there are not many customers who patronize the lighting store.
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