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What is the installation steps led solar street lamps?

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-03
When solar street light led the choose and buy back, it is found that such a street lamp before installation, need to know the specific installation steps, in order to better to install. What is the solar street light led step by the chapter? Will tell everyone about a simple below:
a, first need to field investigation of the road, so as to better for solar street light point, still need to put the tag is best, in order to better late for construction work. Organizers and machinery to embedded light pole pit construction, at this point, the operator is the need to guarantee safety.

2, when come into the light pole of embedded parts, require placing of concrete, and the embedded parts are mostly made up of a steel welding, will play the role of a fixed light pole. After wait for embedded parts are fixed with concrete, at this time, you need to prepare light pole lifting problem. Light pole, before lifting the ground is need to put some panels, lamps, light pole, panels, lamp arm go line, all of you need to install in place.
3, everything is installed, check there are no mistakes, do light pole can use crane hoisting. Then, once a hoisting need lights to test. The light test completed, we have to give is the light pole. If the need for secondary embedded, don't need to do surface treatment, there should be ground exposed bolt, you need to use the cement to cover.
the above steps are completed all the installation work, to ensure that when installed, can have very good effect. After all, solar street light led installation is more complex, need to do each step, more smoothly to ensure the lamp installation, think you to provide more convenient.
the will tell you about the installation of solar street light led step, is to want to help people better to use and install the lamps and lanterns, guarantee when use, the lamps and lanterns can have very good effect, especially to those who pass by to provide more convenient, not in the walk, can't see the road ahead.
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