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What is the future development direction of led street light manufacturers?

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

With the continuous maturity of LED technology, there seems to be no development in LED street lamps in the past two years, without any technical innovation, and the production technology of LED street lamp manufacturers has been similar, without any breakthroughs. At this time, our LED street lamp manufacturers should combine the current technology outlets to create new street lamps, which will develop and expand and segment the market.
What is the hottest today? Artificial intelligence technology and the Internet of Things, led street lights combine artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things to create a 'smart street light

Smart street lights are composed of smart lighting modules, information release modules, information acquisition modules, information transmission and control modules, emergency power supplies and other modules. Its self-developed wireless street light control scheme can realize remote signaling, remote measurement, remote adjustment, and remote control. , Emergency handling and multi-client control.

What are the advantages of smart street lights:
1. With environmental monitoring function, it clearly displays the precipitation, temperature, wind speed and direction, noise index and PM. index monitored in real time, and the environmental conditions are clear at a glance.

2. Supporting intelligent street light software control system, relying on the cloud platform, realizes the three-level monitoring of street lights, roads, and cities, and remote detection and maintenance of lights, screens, sensors, and cameras.

The combination of smart street lights and the Internet of Things can realize remote control, set time, adjust brightness, automatic protection, automatic maintenance, self-contained wifi and other functions, which is convenient for people's lives in many ways. LED street lamp manufacturers should seize This opportunity will increase research and development costs and continue to innovate on its basis. At present, my country is vigorously promoting the construction of smart street lamps. The combination of smart street lamps and LEDs is believed to replace traditional street lamps in the near future. LED street lamp manufacturers are going This development path will surely grow and develop.

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