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What is the best garden light

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-01
European-style garden light has become a beautiful beautiful scenery line in the city, it is widely used in city and road on both sides of the scenic spot. With elegant, delicate and complex characteristics of fine workmanship, by the people of all ages. But European garden light occasionally will also because a

the European garden light has become a beautiful scenery line in the city, and is widely used in urban landscape and on both sides of the road. It has a luxurious, delicate, complex, the characteristics of the fine workmanship, popular people's favorite. European-style garden light, however, occasionally appear, for some reason there might be some failures. Below by the courtyard lamp manufacturers may manager to introduce you to the European garden light common failure reasons.

the reason in the process of construction, construction, garden lamp fault is the main reason. For example, the depth of the buried cable and coverage does not accord with a standard, not strictly follow the European garden light cable construction standards. Or cable in construction process is pulled forward, result in cable damage, cause the different current. Second, the material cause of European garden light is widely used and installed led to a lot of defective courtyard lamp, so the quality problems in nature. But cable has lead less aluminum and high hardness. 3. Design advocacy & other save electricity. At the same time, increase the original power of the European garden light load, resulting in power supply overheating, short circuit and burn out. Four. Support the use of reason European outdoor garden light and installation is not standard, whether on the sidewalk or in the garden, should be the principle of protecting road cable deformation. These are the reasons why European garden light. That must be considered when install lamps and lanterns of these to ensure europeanism courtyard lamp to give full play to its superior performance and lighting effects.
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