What is the advantage of using led street light solar system

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-03
First understand what is the street lamp, just as its name implies is used for road lighting lamps and lanterns. Then said as the LED street lamps, the LED road lighting lamps and lanterns, as the light source is LED street light. Solar street light on the LED light source used by most of the use of high-power white light

the first thing to know what is the street lamp, as the name suggests, is used for road lighting lamps.

this is known as the led street lamp, road lighting and for light emitting diode (led) light source is led street light.

solar street lamps use most of the light emitting diode light source is composed of high power white leds in series or in parallel. What is the advantage of led lights?

first, solar led light source, its own characteristics: light partiality, non-proliferation of light, which greatly guarantee the lighting efficiency.

second, LED light source has a unique secondary optical design, can further improve the efficiency of lighting, achieve the goal of energy saving.

third, light efficiency can reach 110 - 130 mu m/W, empty, and there is still a very large development in theory of 250 mu of m/W

4, using light-emitting diodes as solar street lamps light source will be higher than ordinary high pressure sodium lamp with light color reproducibility. Only about 20 high pressure sodium lamp. However, solar led street light color rendering index can reach more than 80. Under the condition of the same brightness, the average illuminance solar led street lamp will be more than 20% lower than the high-pressure sodium lamp.

5, use led as light source, solar street lamps light attenuation is small, light attenuation is less than 3% within a year, and use 10 years can meet the requirements of road use intensity of illumination, led street lamp so far has been using very high.

6, led street light automatic control and energy saving device, can greatly reduce the power, save power.

7, light-emitting diodes (leds) is a kind of low voltage devices, a single general is 1 w, so very safe to use, suitable for road lighting, factory lighting, etc.

eight, long service life, can be used more than 50000 hours.

9, installation is very simple, no need to add the rectifier, etc. Install the lamp holder on the light pole directly.

10, maintenance cost is low, basically use 5 years can recover all costs, can save a lot of cost.
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