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What inspections do LED solar street lights need to go through before leaving the factory?

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

With the maturity of LED technology and solar technology, more and more LED solar street lights have begun to be used in outdoor road lighting. LED solar street lights use the volt effect to convert light energy into electrical energy and store them in the solar battery. It has the advantages of green and clean, simple installation, etc., and is deeply loved by people.
LED solar street lights are composed of solar panels, solar street light controllers, LED lamps and solar batteries. Many people think that after purchasing these five components, they can be used directly. In fact, it is not. LED solar street lights need to be inspected before leaving the factory to ensure their normal use. So, what tests need to go through? Manager Hu from the solar street light manufacturer will introduce to you.

1. Source Identification of LED Solar Street Lamp Chips
The detected LED solar street lamp chip database contains the data of many domestic and foreign manufacturers' chips, and the data is comprehensive, accurate and fast updated. Through search and matching, the chip model and manufacturer can be confirmed, which helps the lighting manufacturer to improve the quality and efficiency of quality control.
Two, LED solar street lamp appearance structure inspection
The bidding document usually stipulates the external light materials of solar lamps and lanterns, and these regulations will be checked in detail.
.Appearance inspection: the paint color is uniform, no pores, cracks, and impurities; the coating must be tightly adhered to the basic material; the surface of the housing of the LED solar street lamp parts should be smooth and flat. Defects such as scratches, cracks, deformation, etc.;
.Dimensional inspection: the external dimensions should meet the requirements of the drawings;
.Material inspection: The materials used for each part of the lamp and its structural design should meet the requirements of the drawings;
. Assembly inspection: All fastening screws on the surface of the lamp should be tightened, the edges should be free of burrs and sharp edges, and the connections should be firm and not loose.
Three, waterproof test
LED solar street lights are outdoor lighting street lights. They need to be used in areas ranging from a few meters to more than ten meters in the sky. Street lights are extremely difficult to replace and repair, and they are required to have good waterproof and dustproof performance. Therefore, the waterproof and dustproof level of LED solar street lights is particularly important.

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