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What debugging needs to be done before installing solar lights

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

In order to ensure the later use effect of the solar lamp, some functions of the street lamp need to be debugged before installation, especially the solar controller. The control function is debugged, and the follow-up operation of the solar lamp basically does not require people to bother.

1. Time control function setting and debugging
According to the requirements in the design plan, set the lighting time every day, and set the time control node according to the instructions of the controller. The lighting time every night should not be higher than the set value, and can only be equal to or less than the set value, otherwise It will affect the lighting and reduce the service life.

2. Light control function simulation
If it is connected in the daytime, you can use an opaque object to cover the light-facing surface of the battery assembly (or remove the battery assembly wiring from the controller), according to the delay time mentioned in the controller manual, and see the corresponding time elapsed After that, whether the solar light source can automatically light up.
If it can be on, it means that the light control on function is normal. If it can’t light on, it means that the light control on function is invalid, and the controller setting needs to be rechecked. If it is normal, remove the cover of the solar battery module (or connect the battery module power cord on the controller), the light source can be automatically turned off, indicating that the light control function is normal.
After the solar street light controller is debugged, before the solar light is installed and hoisted, a simple test should be performed on the lithium battery and other equipment to see if the light source can be lit. Avoid finding out that the light is still not on after the overall installation is completed, and maintenance will waste time and increase costs.

In addition, the internal fittings of the solar lamp should be inserted tightly and firmly to avoid failure caused by loose wind pendulum and poor contact. The solar lamp and the light pole, the light pole and the cantilever are reliably fixed. Only in this way can the complete performance of the equipment be guaranteed.

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