What companies are producing green led lights ?
As the demand in foreign markets increases, more and more manufacturers regard it as the main product. Here is a recommended company Zhongshan ALLTOP Lighting CO., LTD. It is an enterprise with advanced technology and professional production of exquisite products. With a first-class R&D team, it has an outstanding track record in creating new products and customizing unique products to meet the needs of consumers.

ALLTOP is a leading global provider of led canopy. ALLTOP provides a wide range of solar street lamp for customers. The raw materials of ALLTOP 50w led floodlight is sourced from prestigious vendors in order to match the global quality standards. The product has a color rendering index which reaches over 70Ra. led lighting is an led lights for home for this purpose due to its characteristics of led lights for home. Made of stainless steel hex nuts, the surface of the light is durable and rust-free.

Serving the overall strategy of solar traffic light to promote upgrading of our company is the persistent goal. Welcome to visit our factory!
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