What caused the chaos in the low-cost solar street lights rampant market

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

With the maturity of solar technology and the opening of solar technology, more and more street lamp manufacturers can produce solar street lamps. Nowadays, there are countless solar street light manufacturers on the market, the market competition is fierce, and the price of solar street light is getting lower and lower. It is true that reasonable competition and lowering the price of solar street lights to a reasonable level are beneficial to market development and consumers, but blindly pursuing the production of low-cost solar street lights will have a very negative impact on the market.
Low-cost solar street lights generally use cold-galvanized street light poles and single string low-voltage systems. We all know that cold-dip galvanized street light poles are cheaper than hot-dip galvanizing. The single-string low-voltage solar lithium battery system (.V or .V) uses a single-string lithium iron or ternary battery, which was originally suitable for small solar lamp systems within the power W. After being widely promoted in a certain market, it launched the name W’s low-voltage system uses these two methods to make solar street lights at a very low price. Although they have short service life, unstable quality, and poor lighting effects (the lights are not bright), the number of manufacturers who manufacture low-cost solar street lights is still Rapid growth, low-cost solar street lights are rampant in the market rapidly, what causes such chaos to happen?

1. As the saying goes, there is a market where there is demand. Nowadays, many rural solar street light projects have been awarded low-price bids. The profits of the engineering companies are actually not high, but the engineering companies want to obtain greater profits, so they can only seek low-cost solar street lights from the solar street light manufacturers. The solar street lamp market is very broad. For those who do not know how to do it, more will choose low-cost solar street lamps, so it will be rampant in the market within a few months.
2. On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that the profit of solar street lights in the first two years is still acceptable, and the quality of solar street lights produced by manufacturers is also absolute. However, as more capital enters the solar street lamp market, the number of small workshops and leather bag companies is increasing. These unscrupulous merchants have no competitiveness. They can only attract customers by reducing the price of solar street lamps and cutting corners. The low-voltage solar lithium battery system was quickly adopted by them shortly after it went on the market. They quickly attracted many engineering companies to buy, and they occupied most of the solar street light market in less than a few months. Very few people buy solar street lights with normal V system voltage, so more solar street light manufacturers have joined the battle of low-cost solar street lights, which has caused such low-cost solar street lights to ramp up the market, which is really sad.

The above are the reasons that led to the rampant market of low-cost solar street lights. Although there is no major problem with the current use of low-cost solar street lights, a large area of u200bu200bquality problems will occur after this year. Therefore, our engineering companies must refuse to buy low-cost solar street lights, and solar street light manufacturers must refuse to produce low-cost solar street lights. Only in this way can this chaos be prevented and the environment of the entire street light market and the reputation of the solar street light industry can be improved.

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