What are the advantages of solar street light led

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

LED is a new type of lighting technology, and it is also regarded by many professionals as the main direction of future lighting technology, and now many street lights have begun to use LED as a light source, especially many solar street lights are not Exceptions, then what are the advantages of solar street lights led? let's figure it out together.

1. High luminous efficiency
The luminous efficiency of LED is relatively high in many light sources, but the power consumption is very low when it emits light, and it is also a recognized energy-saving and environmentally friendly light source product, so it works with solar energy. It is very suitable to use together.
Two, the service life is very long
Moreover, it can adapt to different working environments quickly, even in a relatively high temperature environment, it can work normally, so many outdoor public facilities environment like to use this kind of lamps.
Three, less energy consumption
We have just mentioned that the energy consumed by solar street lights LED is relatively small under the same brightness. It can be said that compared to incandescent lamps, the energy consumed by LED light sources is only about one-ninth of that, and even Compared with other light sources, the energy consumption only accounts for about one-third, so the advantages of this kind of lamps are very obvious, which also prompts many public facilities to consider this kind of Lamps.

Therefore, it is precisely for these reasons that nowadays solar street lights leds are widely used and are well received by users.

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