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What are the advantages of integrated solar street lights?

by:ALLTOP      2021-04-13

What is the working principle of the integrated solar street light and what are its characteristics? In fact, the integrated solar street light is to attract sunlight, convert it into electric energy, store it in a battery, and then transform it to provide power for use. It can be said that the installation process is very simple, and it also has the effect of green and safe. If it is used for a long time, it will reduce a lot of costs and save a lot of electricity bills. So, what are the advantages of integrated solar street lights? The following is introduced by Manager Wang of the solar street light manufacturer:

One, simple installation
When installing the integrated solar street light, the installation method is very simple. Compared with the traditional installation method, there is no need for slotting and no cable laying. Then only need to build a cement base, and then fix it with stainless mesh screws.
Two, save costs
It is also very cost-effective when installing integrated solar street lights. Mainly because it can use natural light to convert it into electrical energy. And in the later stage, there is no need to incur too much electricity bills, which is also more energy-efficient for enterprises.
Three, maintenance and worry-free
Integrated solar street lights are also very worry-free in terms of maintenance. This is mainly because each street light is an independent system. Even if there is a problem with one street light, it will not affect the use of other street lights. This is also very good, and it is very reassuring in terms of safety.
It can be seen that the advantages of integrated solar street lights are very many, so nowadays places will choose this kind of street lights, gradually replacing traditional street lights.

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