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UVLED Market Size in 2019 may reach US $0. 5 billion

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-26
In the past five years, ultraviolet LED has established a market in the field of hardening, drying and bonding using ultraviolet rays, I . e. UV curing. UVLED has the advantages of large ultraviolet output power, small size and low power consumption, bringing great value to the market of ultraviolet systems and users of these systems. Due to its small size and low operating cost, the equipment equipped with UVLED began to rapidly replace the original technology using mercury lamps, thus expanding the UVLED market in the UV curing business field. In 2008, the entire UVLED market was only 20 million US dollars, while in 2014 it expanded to 90 million US dollars, with an average annual growth rate of 28. 5. The new era is about to kick off. French research company YoleDeveloppement said that disinfection and purification will become the key to the growth of the UVLED market in the next three years. With the expansion of UV curing technology using UVLED to ink, adhesive and coating industries, it is estimated that the UVLED market will further expand. In addition, new uses such as disinfection and purification are added. At present, the performance of UVLED is not sufficient when used for disinfection and purification. However, with the improvement of performance in the future, it is estimated that part of the revenue in the UVLED market will come from the disinfection and purification uses of UVC before 2018. The market size of UVLED is expected to expand from 90 million US dollars in 2019 to 0. 5 billion US dollars in 2014. However, this scale is based on the standard application of UVLED replacing ultraviolet lamps. If we consider that UVLED has also begun to be used in the fields of general lighting, lighting for plant cultivation, biomedical devices and countermeasures for nosocomial infection, the UVLED market is likely to achieve greater growth in the future. And judging from the possibility of UVLED, lighting and medical use only reflect a small part of it. Although the new application fields of UVLED have not yet brought a big impact on the market size, Yole expects that the share of these new applications will probably account for about of the entire UVLED market by 2019. Large enterprises are involved in the UVLED Market. In 2008, only about 10 companies were developing and manufacturing UVLED. After that, more than 50 companies set foot in the UVLED market. The vast majority of these enterprises are involved in the UVLED market under the attraction of high profitability. At that time, the led TV crisis LED to the increasingly prominent pressure of excess capacity and price decline in the visible light LED industry, which hit the industry hard, creating an opportunity for the above-mentioned enterprises to get involved in the UVLED market. Most of the new enterprises are small and medium-sized LED enterprises. However, it is worth noting that many large enterprises in the visible light LED industry have begun to set foot in the UVLED business. The involvement of these two large enterprises will have a great impact on the UVLED industry, market and even technological progress. Philips Lumileds lighting company and LGInnotek company both have high-level professional knowledge cultivated by visual light LED. Philips Lumileds lighting company and LGInnotek company basically transferred the LED production process to 6 inch sapphire substrate. Compared with the 2 inch process, the production efficiency can be increased by at least. This can further reduce manufacturing costs. In addition, with knowledge related to the previous process and packaging, the two companies can also improve the performance of UVLED and reduce the price of unit input power. High efficiency is the key to market growth. The external quantum efficiency of UVLED is several percentage points of UVC to 40 ~ of UVA and near ultraviolet ~ 50. Research and development progress aimed at manufacturing high-efficiency chips may become the key to the growth of UVLED market. In fact, the efficiency of UVLED will directly affect the penetration rate of UVLED. In the field of purification and disinfection applications that are expected to promote the growth of UVLED market in the future, the reason why UVLED is not yet popular is that UVC, which is recognized as necessary for this application, cannot achieve sufficient efficiency. In order to improve the external quantum efficiency, LED manufacturers must improve various parameters related to efficiency, so as to promote technological development. Specifically, it is to improve the internal quantum efficiency, quantum injection efficiency and light extraction efficiency. At this time, the efficiency improvement technologies such as flip chip structure and optoelectronics structure, which have been cultivated in the visual light LED industry for more than 10 years, can be directly applied to UVLED. However, the existence of UVLED originates from the inherent problem of In/AlGaN epitaxial layer, which needs to be promoted from the level of substrate and crystal growth to specifically solve this problem. In addition to the low optical output power, UVLED has further problems at the packaging level due to low efficiency. This is that most of the input power becomes hot. Therefore, the thermal management of UVLED is the key to improve the reliability of equipment and related systems. In this regard, the professional knowledge cultivated by the visible light LED industry can also play a role. For UVLED related technologies, Yole summarized the development blueprint in the new report. By importing these technologies, UVLED is expected to open up new uses. UVLED technology is now entering a very strong growth field.
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