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US lighting market will reach US $25 billion in 2016

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-18
According to a research report by Fredonia, a US market research institution, it is predicted that the US lamp market will reach US $25 billion by 2016. It is expected that the demand for lighting in the United States will be 7. 5% per year. 4 increase to $25. 1 billion by 2016. The TBT notification council of LED lighting lamps in the United States mainly reviews the TBT notification of LED lamp testing procedures recently released by the United States, the test procedure specifies the method for measuring the lumen output, input power and relative spectral distribution of LED lamps. In addition, the method of measuring the light pass maintenance rate of LED light source is also specified to predict the rated life of LED lamp. It is understood that these regulations are closely related to LED lighting products, and the United States is one of the main export markets for LED lighting in China. In 2012, China's LED lighting exports to the United States reached tens of billions of yuan. Once the regulations notified by the United States are formally implemented, it will probably have a greater impact on China's LED industry. The commercialization of LED lighting also has a major impact on the industry. LED has a longer life span and more energy efficiency, but currently it only accounts for a small share of demand. It is expected that by the end of 2016, the demand for LED-based lighting lamps will have a particularly strong growth, and the rapid technological progress of LED light sources will also make them more energy-saving, brighter and more affordable. In addition, lighting manufacturers are also developing devices specially designed for LED to optimize their performance and make them become artworks in lighting products. Lighting products include non-portable and portable devices, as well as separately sold parts and accessories, such as after-sales lamp ballasts, accessories, switches, etc. The demand for lamps is mainly from non-portable devices, it accounted for nearly 2/3 of the total lighting demand in 2012. Non-Portable lamps mainly come from the extensive use in buildings and vehicles. It is expected that by 2016, it will benefit from the full release of construction activities and the increase in vehicle demand, the demand for non-portable devices is also expected to increase later. It is expected that the demand for non-portable lamps will almost double between 2013 and 2016. Looking at major market segments, lamp brands that reduce energy consumption will have good growth prospects. To a large extent, this can be attributed to the demand for energy-saving lighting products in the energy independence and safety law proposed in 2007: The restriction on the sale of incandescent lamps. These regulations will strive to promote the demand for fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, high-intensity discharge lighting lamps and LED light sources.
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