Understand: the service life of the LED street lamps and installation cost dynamic | | industry lighting: the rural solar LED street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-11
Feasibility for the LED street lamp used in street, both from the technical aspect and from the aspects of economy, the evaluation of LED lights are good, we can also know many cities have adopted LED road lights, road lighting engineering research in cities LED street lamp installed after the field investigation, for the application of the LED street lamp, energy saving and maintenance cost can be well reflected. That we now focus on the service life of the LED lights and LED street light price, also is the installation costs. First understand the service life of the LED street light, LED street lamp lighting in the market now material is Q235, both inside and outside after hot dip galvanized coating spray paint processing, 15 years to do so is not rusty, and now the market circulation of street lamp light source, LED light source, the service life of it is in more than 30000 hours, compared with other ordinary light will last much longer. For the LED street lamp installation costs, although because of using LED light source of the problem, its light source, costs will be higher than using common light source, so will affect the LED street light prices are higher, but the LED street lamp in laying cost, and because the LED light source energy conservation and long service life of the LED street lamp in installation and maintenance cost savings, that is, in fact, LED street lamp installation costs are far less than the cost of traditional street lamp.
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