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Ultraviolet germicidal lamps are widely used in industrial fields

by:ALLTOP      2021-06-14

In the production environment of some specific products, a strict aseptic environment is required, so ultraviolet germicidal lamps are introduced into the process. Its advantage is that it can radiate ultraviolet rays while turning on the switch, and carry out high-efficiency sterilization and disinfection of the working environment.

Before this, a large part of the reason why it has not been widely used is that its lamp has a short service life and needs to be replaced frequently in the later period. The cost of its consumption has discouraged many businesses.

But with the continuous advancement of technology, this problem has been solved very well. The use time of the lamp tube has been greatly lengthened, and the frequency of later replacement is greatly reduced. Therefore, the cost of maintenance and replacement in the later period is greatly increased. Therefore, this is also a major driving force for its vigorous promotion and universal use.

Are the germicidal UV lamps only good and no harmful?

In fact, it is not. There are many things to pay attention to during its use. As its work efficiency is greatly improved, its penetration energy into cells is also greatly enhanced. Therefore, when working on it, or staying in a working environment with ultraviolet rays, they should be careful not to expose the skin, and do a good job of protection to avoid harm to their own skin.

And you should wear protective goggles to avoid irradiating your eyes. Of course, we should also be clear about how to give first aid even if it has been irradiated. Therefore, when the factory introduces ultraviolet germicidal lamps, the company’s employees should be given safety training to reduce the possibility of accidents. 

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