Two words quot; Scrutiny quot; Zhongshan lighting factory and a batch of LED lighting factory was
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Two words & quot; Scrutiny & quot; ! Zhongshan lighting factory and a batch of LED lighting factory was investigation

by:ALLTOP      2020-12-11
Big construction, improvement, big span is zhongshan lighting factory in 2018 the development policy of the party committees and governments, business environment renovation is one of the important economic work of zhongshan lighting factory this year. In order to further build 'competition fair and open markets, legal, environmental protection, order specification' economic development environment, zhongshan lighting factory specifications in the business environment is picking up a clampdown. Zhongshan lighting factory in strict accordance with the industrial and commercial bureau town party committee, government work deployment, actively carry out lighting factory zhongshan business environment rectification work, investigation of 145 unlicensed cases within a week of screening for industry and commerce found 107, the factory, the complaint in 23 cases, business environment renovation team complaint 15 cases. Law enforcement field of industrial and commercial bureau through the way of combining the daily supervision and special inspection, highlight key industries and key areas, adhere to the 'full coverage, zero tolerance, strict law enforcement, and pragmatic', maintain and unlicensed unlicensed behavior high-pressure situation. What are the key control area? In industrial area, lamp decoration stores, around the campus, all kinds of market, the public gathering place for problem areas. How to deal with illegal found problem? For illegal if the circumstances are serious, the alleged crime, transferred to judicial organs shall be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the law. , on the other hand, according to investigation and guidance, education and punishment, regulation and standard 'the principle of combining, meet the conditions for registration, do as enterprises shall be given administrative guidance, education to guide its fill relevant licenses in a timely manner. Since this month, the industrial and commercial bureau in execute the law personnel 475 people, 531 HuCi check management businesses, 332 HuCi guide the masses to handle the business license. Typical law enforcement cases on April 18, 2018, zhongshan lighting factory administrative law enforcement in accordance with the law of industrial and commercial bureau some lighting factory is located in PI law enforcement inspection, the inspection found that the factory allegedly engaged in business activities without authorization, without according to manage behavior. Inspection process, Song Mou attitude, refused to cooperate with, law enforcement personnel will report the situation immediately leadership, requesting support, then the policemen and village factory members are present, with the son advised. According to regulations, law enforcement officers on the scene in accordance with law, order them to immediately stop the illegal management behavior, seized the plant, and distribute to the administrative told book, urge and guide it to handle the business license as soon as possible. April 19, Song Mou to zhongshan lighting factory submit the relevant materials, industrial and commercial bureau to apply for registration, industrial and commercial bureau has accepted the application in accordance with the law. In case, Song Mou don't cooperate with law enforcement inspection, the practice is not desirable, as market participants, shall pay taxes in accordance with the law, in accordance with the business, jointly build 'fair, open, safe and orderly' market environment. ( Source: zhongshan guzhen lighting factory)
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