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turn a solar light into... a solar light!: 8 steps

by:ALLTOP      2019-11-23
Here, my first (successful)
Instructable, I will re-adjust the use of the solar corridor lamp to replace the lamp post fixture that was previously burned by gas.
So actually, I\'m re-adjusting the use of the light to produce a different light.
The parts shown here are the parts in the kit, including the lights, short sections of the poles and plastic nails.
Throw all these items into your spare parts box, except for the main case.
Oh, you can also throw away those instruments. . .
We will not follow any of them today.
The following figure is the main house after demolition.
We are only interested in white plastic pieces with lights, solar panels and circuit boards/battery packs.
Carefully remove the solar panel from the main housing and discard all the housing.
Remove the existing fixture from the lamp post and remove the internal work unit.
Fortunately, my gas has been out of the gas line and if your gas line needs to be changed or removed, I suggest you consult a trained professional.
It doesn\'t make sense to trade some good old-fashioned third in old fixtures. degree burns.
The plastic case is shown here (
White Circle)
It has built-in boards and brackets for small battery cases and covers. Un-
Weld two wires leading from the circuit board to the solar panel.
Unplug the wire completely from the housing and place the housing on one side. We\'re re-
Then wire the solar panel.
Write down which wires are connected so you can put it back together again.
Unlock two wires from the solar panel and re-Weld
Weld two new and longer wires in their position.
Do not parse the other end of the board.
Make sure the new wires are long enough to go from the roof of the old fixture to the circuit board.
Next, drill a hole large enough to accommodate two wires in the low center on one side of the roof.
The solar panels will be located on the outside of this roof panel, the bottom edge will be on the edge of the roof, and the two wires will pass through the hole to satisfy the electronic equipment inside.
I also spent the time repainting the old fixture with a nice black spray paint.
Pass the two wires on the solar panel through the small holes on the roof and break them down onto the board.
In the image here, the wire needs to go through a small hole on the back of the white plastic stuff so I can re-
Install the board in the small rectagle it comes out.
Your situation may be slightly different or not similar to this image in any conceivable way. Hard to say.
Anyway, as the supply recharges, a new battery pops up to test everything
The rechargeable battery may not have been charged yet.
Next, pass some galvanized steel wire through the top of the black metal fixture to make three-
Point hanging system
The lower end of the wire can pass through the existing screw holes on the outer edge of the white circuit board assembly, or you can drill new holes.
The very unfortunate image here shows the interior of the metal fixture, where the wires are wrapped around a metal beam. Yes, I know.
You\'re welcome.
Install the solar panels on the roof of the metal fixture.
I used transparent silicone around the solar panel to seal it from the element.
If you have to clip it in place as I did in the image until the silicone sleeveso-
Gently, so as not to crack the glass front of the solar cell.
Soft light. What a beauty.
By the way, my neighbor, Lowe\'s, installed the solar cell walkway light on the reduced price shelf at half price (paid $8. 60).
I already have the wire so in less than a month of actual gas burning I now have a wire of my own
Update the light source. Oh. . . Uh. . .
I mean, I got solar energy from the trash can at the local police station. . . Yeah.
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