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by:ALLTOP      2019-11-22
The Solar light seems to be a good idea.
You put them in a sunny place without wiring.
You don\'t have to pay the electricity bill to make them shine.
They usually have sensors, so they turn on automatically at night or only at night when motion is detected.
They are light sources if there is a power outage.
But my experience with solar is, well, flashing.
From the dim state of their solar lights, several neighbors seem to have the same experience.
The lights are equipped with solar panels, batteries and bulbs that are charged by the panels.
Over the last five years, I bought about 10 solar lights and installed them on the lighting path in our front yard and back yard.
The pair lasted about six months before they could shine again.
Most of the others have failed in about two years, although a person about five years old continues to show up every night.
They are various brands purchased from various stores, various designs.
I think I hope I will eventually happen in a unit that will last.
It turns out that my experience is common from comments published on articles about solar lights.
Many solar lights will not last long after two years.
Their solar panels turn yellow and cloudy.
The battery stops charging.
The light bulb got dark.
Due to the short duration of the lights, forcing constant replacement, it may be more economical to install the wired lights.
I tried to restore some of our emergency lights by putting in a new rechargeable NiMH battery, but the success was limited.
This may be because I have been buying solar lights that are too low in manufacturing cost and low in cost
Battery and low end batteryend panels.
They usually stock up at the hardware store for between $15 and $30 each.
Although the brands are different, it is very likely that they are all produced in the same factory.
Although my experience with solar lights was spotty, I did not give up.
I recently bought one for $60.
Its solar panels cover roughly three credit cards, three times the size of my other lights.
It has 53 LEDs that light up at dark levels at night and when motion is detected it switches to full light.
I have been eating for a month and it has been working very well despite not having much sunshine.
Here is a link to the unit I bought after shopping.
I don\'t recommend it, but I may do it in three years.
We\'ll see if spending more money can put me on a better, longer path.
Long lasting solar lighting. ---
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