Toshiba casts a new era of LED lighting industry

by:ALLTOP      2020-02-21
Light has not only been used as lighting, it has brought light, warmth and hope to mankind. Toshiba Lighting has a long history. After more than 120 years of wind and rain, it has achieved numerous brilliant achievements. Its products spread all over every corner, lighting up the light of hope for people and winning the trust and praise of users. More than 120 years of wind and rain have created a brilliant light culture. Toshiba Lighting is a Japanese lighting company that produces incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps. In 1890, Mr. Fujioka successfully manufactured incandescent lamps for the first time in Japan, and began the production of incandescent lamps for 120 years. The Double Helix filament bulb invented by Toshiba in 1921 and the inner frosted bulb invented in 1925 have become two of the six major inventions in the history of electric lamps, which have promoted the rapid development of the lighting industry. In 1940, only fluorescent lamps in Japan were manufactured. In 1980, the world's spherical fluorescent lamps were manufactured. In 2007, Toshiba Lighting launched E- CORELED product concept, and officially terminated the production of incandescent lamps in 2010, fully using LED products. Now, after more than a hundred years of continuous innovation and advanced technology in the industry, Toshiba Lighting has made positive contributions to the creation of a light culture in which people and the environment coexist harmoniously. E- CORE concept opens a new era of LED lighting Toshiba Lighting is based on the world-famous semiconductor technology, constantly insisting on pioneering and innovating, and striving to bring safe, comfortable and energy-saving light source products to users. In 2007, Toshiba Lighting paid attention to Ecology (CO2 reduction), Energysaving (Energy saving), Efficinency (High efficiency), Economy (Economy)The importance of four aspects. Therefore, Toshiba Lighting takes 4 E as its design concept and names LED lighting series products as Toshiba LED lighting E-CORE series. Since then, we have been committed to creating more comfortable, energy-saving, environment-friendly and high-performance LED lighting products for users. Toshiba Lighting products with high efficiency and energy saving are comprehensive. Toshiba Lighting is committed to the promotion of high efficiency and energy saving products in the Chinese market, mainly including LED lighting and Hf high efficiency fluorescent lamp products. At present, Toshiba LED lighting includes three series of products: LED light source, LED indoor lamps and LED outdoor lamps. Compared with traditional light sources, Toshiba LED lighting has many advantages. Compared with incandescent lamps, can save 90 energy, life up to 25000 ~ 40000 hours, 4 ~ of compact fluorescent lamps ~ 6 times. At the same time, Toshiba LED lamps can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 80% compared with incandescent lamps, effectively resisting warming. Toshiba LED is basically free of ultraviolet rays and infrared rays, so there is no need to worry about the fading or damage of valuables due to the influence of infrared rays and ultraviolet radiation. In addition, Toshiba LED lamps and lanterns have small components, can be designed to be smaller and lighter. In addition to LED lighting products, Toshiba Hf high-efficiency fluorescent lamp is also its main product, which is widely used in offices, factories, schools, public facilities and other places. Toshiba Hf high-efficiency fluorescent lamps currently include: Hf straight fluorescent tubes, Hf fixed lamps and Hf embedded lamps. Compared with traditional straight-tube fluorescent lamps, Toshiba Hf high-efficiency fluorescent lamps have a luminous efficiency of about 46 and a luminous flux of about 84, and also have outstanding energy-saving and environmental protection characteristics, thus becoming a good solution for many enterprises to purchase light sources. Toshiba LED lighting technology lights up the beauty of the world landscape. It is precisely because Toshiba LED lighting technology has excellent energy-saving effect and long service life that it can be seen in landscape lighting projects around the world. Among the numerous successful cases around the world, the proud great projects include the lighting renovation project of the Louvre Museum, in order to replace existing lighting products such as xenon lamps with higher environmental load with Toshiba LED lighting products with higher energy efficiency, thus reducing the environmental load. The Louvre Museum will be Napoleon Square, Pyramid (Pyramid)Small pyramid (Pyramidion)And Cali courtyard (CourCarree, Square atrium) The lighting facilities are replaced with LED lighting products. The Louvre museum spoke highly of Toshiba's LED lighting technology, which can not only inherit the museum's beautiful lighting environment, but also greatly reduce power consumption. In China, the qingxuelu and fanghe Pavilion near the West Lake have also completely changed to Toshiba LED lighting products, which has saved a lot of manpower for the maintenance of the two ancient buildings that have been listed in the world cultural heritage list, it creates a night scene full of antique charm and also plays a very significant energy-saving effect. In Japan, Toshiba Lighting donated LED lighting and photovoltaic power generation systems to the World Heritage zhongzun Temple to better display the artistic and artistic LED lighting space of the Golden Hall, Buddha statues and decorations in the new temple of zhongzun Temple. Toshiba Lighting protects the Earth home and dedicates selfless love. Toshiba lighting not only has many successful cases, but also has been selfless dedication and giving back to society in terms of social contribution and public welfare undertakings. In order to protect the Earth's environment, Toshiba Lighting has made positive social contributions in the design, manufacture, circulation, sales, abandonment and other links, taking environmental protection as the premise, reducing environmental load. In terms of public welfare undertakings, after the Wenchuan earthquake, Toshiba Lighting was a compatriot in the disaster-stricken areas. He actively participated in the earthquake relief operations, extended a helping hand, dedicated his love, and lit up the light of hope for the disaster area. Toshiba Group as an Earth in enterprise for create more good of Earth Environment develop the Toshiba group environment prospect 2050 determine in 2050 to achieve the comprehensive environment efficiency 2000 10 times of target. In the future, Toshiba Lighting will continue to introduce energy-saving and efficient lighting products for the Chinese market, reduce environmental load, create rich value and contribute to China's sustainable development.
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