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Top Ten key words of LED lighting industry in 2017

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-24
Since 2017, the LED industry has begun to turn for the better. The recovery of real estate and the growth of market demand have driven the LED industry to pick up. In the past few years, due to many factors such as the economic environment, the LED lighting industry is facing a severe market Winter. However, since 2017, the LED industry has begun to turn for the better. The recovery of real estate and the growth of market demand have driven the LED industry to pick up. In this year, the LED industry has undergone major changes. Some enterprises have actively expanded and expanded the industrial chain, or have achieved strong alliances through strategic cooperation with other manufacturers. However, there are also enterprises that have retired to the second line in the tide of the times. The industry has washed out countless heroes, some people are happy, some people sigh. Every crisis is a new life. Every crisis will inevitably give birth to new labels belonging to this industry, and they will all be condensed into hot words in this industry. Summing up this year is to better meet next year. OFweek semiconductor lighting network specially presents the top ten key words of China's LED industry in 2017. Listed in 2017, the news of LED lighting companies listed frequently came, including sanxiong Aurora, Debang lighting, Guangpu shares, Jucan Optoelectronics, Tailong lighting, Huatie technology, Guangpu shares, Chenfeng technology, etc, run to the capital market. At the same time, there are also a number of lighting companies that have passed the IPO or are actively awaiting review, and doing everything possible to seek listing has become a new trend in the industry. After experiencing the early barbaric growth, the fierce price war, and the strong rise, foreign companies have withdrawn from the general LED lighting market. The domestic LED lighting industry has gradually developed and matured, there are not many opportunities for explosive growth. At this time, the driving force of the industry gradually turns to capital. Whether it is listing or mergers and acquisitions, the power of capital has gradually been shown in a new stage. Listed companies can raise a large amount of funds to invest more project research and development, expand production capacity, and even build more reliable marketing channels to enhance the strength of enterprises and stabilize market position, listing is already the general trend, and the injection of a large amount of funds can ensure the development of lighting enterprises. However, it is worth noting that listed companies are large enterprises with certain strength, and the industry reshuffle has entered a new stage. The future situation of Evergrande, the industry leader, will be more obvious. Integration of mergers and acquisitions, since 2017, LED industry mergers and acquisitions have continued. According to incomplete statistics, there have been more than 30 cases of integrated mergers and acquisitions around the LED field. M & A cases continue to be staged and M & A forms are diversified. In addition to the integration of mergers and acquisitions in the upstream and downstream of the LED industry chain, it has also continuously extended its reach to other fields such as education, media and the Internet. Horizontal mergers and acquisitions can bring about economies of scale, increase the market share of enterprises, suppress competitors, and improve the barriers to entry and the differentiation advantages of enterprises in their fields; Vertical mergers and acquisitions can enlarge and strengthen the LED industrial chain, realize the in-depth integration and optimization of resources in all links of the industrial chain, and improve the overall competitiveness of enterprises. Under the background of integration, LED lighting industry has entered a capital-driven growth stage. Leading companies that stick to their main businesses will achieve greater and stronger growth through more mergers and acquisitions at home and abroad. Intelligent lighting, in this year's two sessions, intelligent manufacturing, industrial transformation, innovation-driven and other words frequently appear, how to develop intelligent manufacturing in traditional manufacturing has become the focus of the delegates. Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei has repeatedly said that 2017 will be a key year for the full implementation of the Made in China 2025 strategy. This year, many well-known lighting enterprises at home and abroad such as Philips, Osram, Opus lighting, modulation technology, NVC Lighting, Hongyan electric appliance, Shengdi lighting, Feile Audio, NVC Lighting, etc. have accelerated the layout of intelligent lighting, set off a wave of intelligence sweeping the entire lighting industry. Cross-border enterprises such as Huawei and Haier home are also seeking new opportunities for cooperation. As a crucial link in human daily life, lighting can be said to determine the quality of life. As the old management structure no longer adapts to the development of the times and coincides with the industrial upgrading at the national level, intelligent lighting is the general trend. Expansion in 2017, LED chip industry ushered in a new wave of expansion peak, including San'an Optoelectronics, Huacan optoelectronics, and Aoyang Shunchang and other Chinese mainland LED chip manufacturers have obvious expansion plans, it is estimated that when these new production capacities are in place one after another, MOCVD production capacity in mainland China will account for in 2017. In addition, the LED chip Julin factory built by Osram in Malaysia is about to be completed. The factory covers an area of 100 thousand square meters and has a geographical location, after the completion of the Julin factory, it will become the world's largest and modern 6 inch-inch wafer LED chip production base. It is foreseeable that the expansion of LED chip production capacity will become the main tone in the next few years, the industry competition will become more severe, and the survival of small and medium-sized enterprises will be more difficult. Price increases 2017, LED raw material supply is tight, leading to price increases. From chips to packaging, downstream applications, to materials and accessories, price increases and out-of-stock have made many enterprises nervous. In order to maintain customers and the market, some enterprises have tightened their belts and barely increased their prices, however, this has already made the company suffer. In order to grab the price increase business opportunities brought about by the supply shortage, LED leading enterprises such as Sanan Optoelectronics, Huacan optoelectronics and mulinsen have expanded their production capacity. With the withdrawal of small and medium-sized manufacturers and the completion of the reshuffle of the industry, LED has accelerated its concentration to large brand manufacturers. With the continuous expansion of production and the release of production capacity by Chinese local manufacturers, the output value of mainland LED manufacturers has grown steadily, the market share has also increased further.
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