TOP 50 of export destinations of LED lighting products in 2016

by:ALLTOP      2020-01-20
The new week has begun, and the two sessions in Beijing have ended in this way. They have also taken away the blue sky, white clouds, birds and flowers of Beijing. Smog and late spring are making a comeback, the small yellow car and the small red car on the street are not free. Xiao Bian is not in a good mood, and it is estimated that everyone is not in a good mood. In order to make everyone happy, Xiao Bian will continue to provide free information conducive to export in the next few issues! ( Xiao Bian secretly told everyone that Xiao Bian secretly looked at the Database of the data side and had all the new export data from 11 to 17 years. If necessary, the editor will get effective information for everyone in a cooperative way. All right! Not much nonsense, knock on the blackboard, look at the list! In 2016, among the top ten exports, the United States remained stable, Hong Kong, China ranked second, and Germany ranked 5. The total amount of 0. 5 billion US dollars ranked third. Then came Britain and Japan. The total proportion of top 10 exports increased from 72. 5% in 2011. 7, down to 54. 6. As can be seen from Figure 1, except that the export share of the United States is increasing year by year, the share of other countries is shrinking year by year. Figure 1: Proportion data of top ten countries/regions in export amount of LED lighting products
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