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by:ALLTOP      2020-11-10
Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn festival, small make up first wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn festival, happy life. So also right away in October, outdoor lighting project also began to busy, a lot of solar street light project traders began to busy, received a lot of municipal engineering, is also the season of this year. So, as a solar street lamp manufacturers, today small make up recommend everyone is zhongshan a solar street lamp manufacturers & ndash; Lighting. Lighting is a solar street lamp manufacturers, engaged in outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns manufacture already has 15 years, is the old street lamp manufacturers of zhongshan guzhen lights. Recommend lighting today, is not to say only recommend history long, more want to recommend is brand solar street lamps factory. What is the brand, brand is reputation, reputation requires a lot of engineering case to construction. The lighting outdoor lighting project completed so far very much, incomplete statistics also has more than 3000, throughout all basically have distribution, and place the order with solar street light project traders repeat purchase rate is also very high. Two reasons first, good quality and after-sale guaranteed. As a purchaser solar street lamps, naturally want to products of good quality and do the solar street light project is easier then. Second, solar street light price material benefit, the right price are all easy to accept, consider the quality is very good also, so natural word of mouth is good, the customer repeat order is also very easy. So lighting is now the main business of mainly solar street light, solar garden light, solar street light, LED street light, the integration of high lamp, landscape lamp, etc all kinds of outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns. Now new marketing center set up in the street lamp lighting city, 16 - in E 17 card, customers in the past is also very convenient.
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