To meet the development of better nanning solar garden light dynamic | | industry lighting: solar led street lamp manufacturers in the countryside

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
Nanning solar garden light is mainly USES the solar energy as power supply, and USES the high photosynthetic efficiency modelling light source is designed to provide road lighting outdoor lights at night, belongs to the modern design to promote the use of green energy products, in both the advantages of high brightness, easy installation, there are also don't want to good advantages of the conventional energy and long service life and so on, are suitable for all kinds of places of lighting and lighting decoration, especially suitable for line laying difficult areas and areas with lack of power resources to install. Nanning solar garden lamp series of solar energy is mainly composed of solar panels, solar battery and LED lamps and lanterns is composed of three parts, and it can use the solar energy into electrical energy is mainly dependent on the solar system work together to complete, the first is the solar panels absorb solar energy light, it is designed for power, and then through intelligent controller for solar battery power supply, at the same time complete the battery of intelligent protection and switch control of lamps and lanterns. Nanning solar garden light also can be divided into two types, single head solar garden light and double solar garden light, the double solar garden light is can according to need to adjust the deputy light time, generally can be main light and dark and bright, 6 hours left off, only vice light automatically close until dawn.
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