To know the stand or fall of led solar street light conditions it is very important

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-14
Because there are a lot of street lamp manufacturer can use some of the poor quality of the material, carry on the processing produce, produce such made street lamp quality not guaranteed. So we in the purchase of led solar street lamps, the led solar street light know the situation of the good or bad it is very important. We need to know about solar street light parts, parts relatively more in detail. Mainly include the panels, solar battery, solar controller, light source, etc. The corresponding parts. So in the selection of solar led street lamp battery, also should be light panels of raw material, the color difference, the charging current and open circuit voltage, transforming power of factors to consider. Selected in the battery, should be on detailed types, such as discharge rate, the working environment to understand. Controller was selected in time, of course, and should be to understand waterproof function. Of course in the chosen time of led solar street lamps, also should be to understand the situation of the matching in detail. Many manufacturers to produce products, in the lighting, the corresponding stability, is not so strong, the main reason is to match the corresponding problems. Matching function, is one of the important goals, and thus to understand the corresponding matching function, it is very important.
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