To ensure the practicability of led solar street light

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-12
In order to ensure the practicability of led solar street lamps, we in the procurement, need to distinguish between consumer environment, if the condition mainly cloudy weather, so the led solar street light had the excellent solar radiation absorption ability will appear a little chicken ribs. If meet the continuous wet weather, easy to use will need to consider the led solar street light support time impact on state street lighting. Solar street light but is divided into many kinds of models, such as street lighting environment of the road, the road width and traffic through the factors such as frequency, should be taken into consideration, the only way, to make sure the solar led street light in use process, to better play its use effect. Led solar street light the quality of the product itself also needs we to its attention. Alone in terms of quality problems, street lamp itself is made up by many parts, so when use, we also need to be more comprehensive observation, if the quality of the lamp itself exists defects, so in actual use process, will produce certain effect on its properties.
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