Three major characteristics of solar street lamps controller dynamic | | industry lighting: the rural solar led street lamp manufacturers

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-09
Solar street light with the development of the city has been known by more and more people, as the characteristics of power generation system of solar solar street lamps controller believe there are still many people don't understand. Controller used in solar street lamps have a vital role, its characteristic mainly reflected in three aspects. The first on the one hand, the solar controller to control the output time can be set up time, the output current to set a good time to start begin to work. Without artificial monitoring operation, realizing intelligent control. In the second security current constant current output due to the LED their needs through the technical means of constant current or current limiting, otherwise cannot work normally. General LED lights used way is usually with a driver for the LED constant current power supply, but it needs to bring on the power loss, made with independent drive power supply more electricity, so this way is not advisable. The third aspect of output power adjustment in the application of solar energy street lamp, to adjust the power. Adjust power can control the brightness of the LED lights, such as street lamps in the morning adjustment into 30 w, late-night adjustment into 15 w energy saving, so lock the current both meets the requirements of lighting in the night, and save the overall configuration of battery, solar panels and budget, greatly effectively prolongs the service life of LED lights. These three characteristics ensure the solar street lamps controller in the service life of the application of solar street lamps, extend the life of the solar street light is certainly not only depend on the controller, also need good quality battery and solar panels.
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