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The world accelerates into the LED lighting era

by:ALLTOP      2020-03-03
Under the influence of the energy crisis in the international market, it has gradually entered an era of energy conservation. Countries have actively eliminated low-efficiency and high-energy-consuming products such as incandescent lamps and vigorously developed the LED lighting industry through legislation and government guidance. Nowadays, with the double promotion of the government and the market, environmental protection, energy conservation and emission reduction are rapidly popularized in the field of public lighting, and actively penetrate into the commercial lighting, office lighting and home lighting markets, which also promotes the rising share of LED in the lighting field and quickly enters the LED lighting era. The growth of overseas home lighting market is expected. At present, LED penetration rate is rapidly increasing in the market. According to market research estimates, the output value of LED lighting market in 2014 was 35. 3 billion US dollars, up from 2013. 8. LED lighting penetration rate will also increase to 32 in 2014. 7. The penetration rates of widely used bulb lamps and lamps are 20 and 15 respectively. In the past, in the LED lighting market, the penetration rate of the civil market has been low due to higher prices. With the improvement of LED lighting technology and the continuous decline of prices, governments of various countries have successively issued favorable policies such as banning incandescent lamps, and the high-profile civilian market has really opened its doors to welcome the arrival of the LED era. According to Foreign UBS Securities, the demand for LED lighting will increase by 60% in 2014, of which household lighting will grow by 90% next year, far higher than commercial 37 and industrial 57. It is estimated that the demand for LED chips will grow by 25. In the international market, countries and regions around the world have generally launched plans to eliminate incandescent lamps, including Europe, America, Japan and China-Incandescent lamps will be completely eliminated within 3 years. The corresponding countries have formulated LED lighting promotion plans and related financial subsidy policies. These plans and policies will undoubtedly accelerate the popularization of LED lighting products. The energy conservation and emission reduction policies introduced by various countries have become the key to stimulate the outbreak of the civil market to a large extent. Nowadays, the support, subsidy, application and government procurement for LED lighting products not only stimulate the market demand to a great extent, but also enable relevant enterprises to develop and operate, go in the direction of energy conservation and emission reduction with higher energy efficiency. The successful implementation of the LED subsidy policy is the US and Canadian markets. As long as the LED lamp products apply for Energy Star certification, consumers can directly enjoy the subsidy price when purchasing. Us led big factory Kerui (Cree)Launched this year 9. 5 watt led bulb (Replace 60 watt incandescent bulb)The retail price is only 9. 97 US dollars, more importantly, this bulb has passed the US Energy Star certification and can receive a subsidy of 5 US dollars per bulb, which means that consumers can use 4. You can buy it for $97, which is equivalent to an energy-saving bulb (About 2-$5) The price is equivalent, which greatly stimulates the usage and penetration of local LED lighting products. With the outbreak of market demand approaching, the LED lighting market will have a hot demand increase next year. In order to seize the opportunity of market development, international Lighting Giants LED by Philips and Osram have also begun to consider adopting LED chips produced in Asia to improve price competitiveness and seize market share of civil lighting. In addition, compared with some developing countries, Europe, America, Japan and other places have relatively high acceptance of environmental protection awareness, so for LED lighting manufacturers, some foreign markets will have a broader development space. The pace of transformation of traditional lighting giants is firm. Facing the promising LED lighting market, more and more traditional lighting enterprises in the world begin to transform into LED field. International traditional lighting giants, represented by Philips, Osram, Panasonic and GE Lighting, have set their sights on the LED lighting market. Liang Hanfeng, president of Philips Lighting Greater China, said during the 13th Guangzhou International Lighting exhibition this year that our goal is to achieve LED business accounting for 18th of the total business volume by 2015. Only one month later, Philips responded to this sound by launching a number of LED low-cost lighting products to seize the civilian market. According to the analysis of relevant research institutions, Philips's accelerated transformation is not due to the decline in the performance of traditional lighting products. In fact, Philips energy-saving bulbs still dominate the general lighting market and are still on the rise, in fourth quarter of 2012, the sales volume of its lighting division increased by 4. 5% year on year. Then, the reason why Philips wants to accelerate the expansion of the LED lighting industry is that the industry analysts are worried about following Nokia's footsteps and taking the lead in seizing market opportunities in the early stage of LED lighting. Osram, another lighting giant, announced in early 2013 that it wanted to sell its factory in Shaoxing, China (Mainly manufacture traditional bulbs)The goal of streamlining is to focus on the LED lights. Siemens group said it would invest 0. 1 billion euros (1. $0. 3 billion) To build a new LED assembly plant in Jiangsu province, China, and vigorously develop LED lighting. Osram CEO Deheng (WolfgangDehen) Said: the sale of the Shaoxing factory will be another milestone in the company's restructuring, and Osram will further increase the proportion of LED in the overall business revenue. As the lighting market is accelerating its transformation into semiconductor products, Osram is making every effort to promote the company's transformation. This move should undoubtedly be seen as a big step for Osram from traditional lighting to LED lighting.
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