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The use of LED street lamp failure problem solved the heat dissipation problem and light

by:ALLTOP      2021-02-01
LED street light as an outdoor street light, its purpose is to bright lights in the night lighting for people, but as the development of a city, we in the use of outdoor lamps, we in addition to demands it can lighting at night is also a street lamp can achieve energy saving province electricity, that at present we are manufacturer of solar street lamps using LED lights and other ordinary street lamp is no different, but it is better than other ordinary street lamp to get people to use, that what LED lights have a worthy of our using.
maybe LED lights in the replacement of traditional street lamp is not dominant in the cost of light source, despite its service life is longer than traditional light, color effect is better, so the LED street light on a light source cost is higher than other ordinary street lamp, LED street lamp in laying cost, however, is that you can save a lot of costs, such as its energy saving effect is good, can save a lot of electricity, and if the longer the installation path, LED street lamp can save more electricity.
so although now LED lights price is compared to a traditional street lamp price is high, but the LED street light to save electricity bills is absolutely can make up for this price difference, can even save more expenses, solar street lamps manufacturer of LED street lamp service life is longer than the traditional street lamp.
for the development of recent years, due to the United States, and South Korea, Europe and other countries and regions of the government departments for their own reasons, such as energy consumption have formulated the corresponding planning measures, intensify efforts in technology research and development and marketization, and promote the rapid development of semiconductor lighting industry, involving much of outdoor lighting, and further accelerate the speed of the development of led street light.
now led road lamp is to use the unique thermal hexagonal honeycomb structure, effectively solve the cooling problem, the top and bottom hole type heat dissipation structure, is advantageous to the rapid flow of hot and cold air, hexagonal honeycomb hole structure, more conducive to the led lamps and lanterns of chip center heat conduction spreading outward, make better the cooling effect of lamps and lanterns, fully guaranteed the chip junction temperature does not exceed 75 ℃, the temperature of lamps and lanterns is not more than 35 ℃.
the led street light due to the heat dissipation problem, light failure also is able to effectively solve the problem, the general working environment, light failure is less than 2%, 6000 hours, 10000 hours of light failure is less than 3%, can be 50000 hours of light failure is less than 15%, according to industry leading level at home and abroad, over 60% of energy than high pressure sodium lamp, in the province, after a year can be energy saving 300000 tons of standard coal.
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