The use of led garden light and intelligent system

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-05
Compared to traditional lighting, led garden light can release more manufacturers design and manufacture of imagination. Led garden light use and not become hot, but can emit stable bright lights, led to gorgeous color changes, coupled with intelligent control system, can form to glow effect. Lighting led courtyard lamp control system module can be set in advance of different scene, as long as in the corresponding control panel when need to meet the need of operation can be transferred to the scene. Users can also through the programmable control panel to adjust the scene to meet the different requirement. In addition, users can also through the interface the commutation of the different scenarios using portable programmer Settings. General led courtyard lamp lighting is to use local actual operation in lighting design, over time will be given to efficiency of lamps and lanterns and room metope reflectivity attenuation, therefore, the initial intensity of illumination are set too high. This design not only cause buildings do not match the intensity of illumination on the same life, but also because at the beginning of the high intensity of illumination and cause unnecessary energy waste. After using intelligent led courtyard lamp lighting control, although the high intensity of illumination or design, but because of can intelligent dimmer, the system will be in accordance with the standards of preset intensity for maintain constant illumination lighting area, and not affected by the attenuation of low efficiency and metope reflectivity of lamps and lanterns. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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