The use of integrated solar street lamps should have enough understanding

by:ALLTOP      2020-11-06
The rural economy flourish, but the road construction is still imperfect. Integrated solar street light from electricity wiring province advantages, coupled with the support of national policy, this led to the integration of solar energy street light market. For use in the countryside, it is asked us for the use of the integration of solar street light has enough understanding, combined with the actual usage, even at the same time figuring out what to meet the needs of actual use conditions. Integration of solar street lights, have to understand first light coefficient in this area, such as the width of the road and street lamp height information, select the brightness of the light pole height and lamp holder to be appropriate. If the integration of LED solar street light pole height does not match completely with the lamp brightness, low light pole's lamp brightness is too big, so too bright is to stimulate people's vision, by the lights of the glare is too big; On the other hand, the brightness is too dark, can't let people see things, it is undoubtedly increase traffic safety. Choose integrated solar street lamps, and pay attention to use the power of each time period and in rainy days, etc in this part of the fit with the capacity of the battery, solar panels to power and maintenance-free battery capacity suitable for. Want to learn more industry information or ask price, can call advisory
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